Caitlin G – Charlotte, NC

 Soothing atmosphere, no sales pressure! I have visited Jon ‘Ric twice and have another appointment scheduled for this week. My first visit was a consult and I found that Dr. Jones was very knowledgeable and offered several suggestions for a treatment plan. Due to an upcoming event, he suggested we hold off on starting a new program and we scheduled an appointment for the next week. At my next appointment, the staff greeted me by name and offered me a drink and a comfortable place to complete necessary paperwork. The staff at Jon ‘Ric are not pushy and they genuinely want to see improvements in your areas of concern. They take the lead from you about what you want to improve and do not point out your ‘problems.’  I have oily skin with mild rosacea and texture irregularities. With Dr. Jones’ recommendations, I have begun a new skin care regimen and am seeing noticeable results in just one week. The products are so luxurious and smell so good! I am going in for a hydrafacial this week and am so excited to see continued improvement. Happy girl! 🙂