Do facial exercises really work for younger skin?

If you go online and look for ways to look younger, you will find more than a thousand articles on different facial exercises that have been “proven” to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, rejuvenating your face but new studies have shown that this may be entirely fabricated. For real results, call Jon ‘Ric today.

Facial exercises have been touted as a less invasive and less expensive alternative to traditional facial rejuvenation procedures, but do they really work? To evaluate the efficacy of this nonmedical approach to facial revitalization, researchers from Belgium systematically reviewed the medical literature, identifying nine studies that examined the effects of facial muscle exercises on facial rejuvenation. Although the authors of all studies reported positive outcomes, the research team found that the quality of the available evidence was insufficient for determining the efficacy of facial exercises for aesthetic rejuvenation. Their complete findings are published in a new article, “The Effectiveness of Facial Exercises for Facial Rejuvenation,” which appears in the January issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

“Our review shows that there is not enough evidence to conclude whether facial exercises are effective for reducing the signs of aging,” said lead author John Van Borsel, PhD, Professor of Neurolinguistics and Logopedics at Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium, and Veiga de Almeida University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Source:  The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, January 8, 2014