Excessive Sweat Could Mean More Than You Think

Sweating is a normal bodily function. Some of us sweat more than others, but if you feel that you sweat too much you might actually have a medical condition. You can read up on this condition, called hyperhidrosis, and how to combat it in this article from Science Daily. Another strategy to stop sweating not mentioned in this article is Botox. It can be injected into areas with sweat glands (like your armpits). So if you relate to this and find this article useful, decide what solution is best for you!

Are you embarrassed by how much you sweat? It’s normal to sweat when you get nervous or exert yourself. However, if you sweat easily or to the point where sweat is visible on your clothing when you aren’t exerting yourself, you may have a condition called “hyperhidrosis,” or excessive sweating. Without treatment, say experts, hyperhidrosis can interfere with everyday activities and may even cause other skin conditions to develop.

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