Feel Better About Yourself at Jon Ric Charlotte

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life we are constantly taking time to appease the needs of others. Your job, career, and even your family life, you have done everything in your power to make sure your loved ones are taken care of. You stumble to your cozy spot on the couch, crack your favorite novel and lose yourself into a relaxing read. You are an adult, parent, partner and you have done well! Now it’s time to focus on you!

Effective Ways to Relax and Pamper Yourself

Meditation – Sit quietly with both feet on the floor, eyes closed. Reciting a positive mantra like “I love myself” can be helpful to focus the mind on releasing negative tension.

Breathing Techniques – Breathing in slowly and deeply through the nostrils and slowly breathing out through the mouth has been proven to relax the muscles and slow the heart rate.

Heat Wraps – A sock filled with rice tossed in the microwave (IT WILL BE HOT, BE CAREFULL) for a minute serves as a great heat wrap. Try draping the heat wrap over your shoulders for a wonderful relaxing experience.

Take the Next Step in Relaxation and Beauty

JR EntryWe know you have many choices for Med Spa in Charlotte and we thank you for making Jon Ric Charlotte your go to place for relaxation and beauty in NC!

You have pampered yourself at home and you are ready to try something different to enhance your results that you are already seeing. He are some of the amazing services we offer to our loving clients to provide them with the “best feeling you” they have ever felt.

Massages – Ours will simply melt you away! From our exclusive Signature Massage to our delightful Swedish Massage, you are sure to find your favorite form of massage available at Jon Ric today!

Stretch Mark Therapy – Many men and woman feel very self-conscious about their stretch marks. Jon Ric Charlotte quite literally makes those feelings vanish with our state of the art nonabrasive skin resurfacing techniques!

Botox – Our face is the first thing people see. No matter if you are a business man, sales dynamo, or stay at home mom. Many people are bothered by strong frown lines or eye wrinkles that may make them look older. Smoothen that beautiful smile with $9.99 per unit Botox at Jon Ric Charlotte.

And the Verdict is…

You feel good! You look good…and that shows! You walk around with your head held high, ready for the next obstacle that life throws your way. You are relaxed, you are beautiful, you are YOU! So get out there and impress the world with your new found self-confidence and sway as you whisk those around you into your pool of brilliance.