Keep Young Looking Skin By Cutting Out These Behaviors!

There are some great treatments available at Jon ‘Ric that will reverse the signs of aging, but prevention is always a great way to keep young looking skin. There are some things that cause wrinkles or make skin lose its elasticity quickly. To keep that from happening, be sure to abide by these few tips.

1.  Stop strangulating your skin

Stop Smoking

Without a doubt,  smoking is the worst habit for the health of your skin. The nicotine causes the small vessels in the skin to contract, which “strangulates” the organs and deprives the skin of oxygen and its vital blood supply. Toxins from the tobacco enter the blood stream and are distributed throughout the entire body, as well. Those who are concerned about their appearance should be aware that smoking causes lip lines – a very difficult problem to fix.

2. Stop paying good money to exaggerate your age

Stop Tanning

I’m surprised that tanning beds are still legal. There is no doubt in the medical community that tanning bed use increases skin cancers: basal cell, squamous cell, and even melanoma. Looking beyond cancers, severe premature aging of the skin is also a result. Tanning beds cause breakdown of collagen and elastin fibersleading to loose, thin, and non-elastic skin… just case regular sun exposure does. Volume loss associated with aging is exaggerated.

3. Stop picking

Stop Picking

I see numerous scars related to acne, particularly deeper cystic acne, that the patient tries to “improve” by picking, poking, and needling. This can lead to a worse infection,  sometimes MRSA, that requires antibiotics and creams to improve. The end result is often scarring and hyperpigmentation, treatment of which often requires chemical peels and radio-frequency lasers.

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