Long Lasting Lashes With Latisse

With pool season now here, it is the perfect opportunity to come to Jon ‘Ric Medical Spa and Wellness Center to use Latisse and make your eyes pop without using mascara. For just $125, Jon ‘Ric is offering a 10 week course to customers (originally $159). But before getting your long, luscious lashes, read more about how to make your treatment as effective as possible:

Once you receive the Latisse treatment products, make them a part of your nightly routine so you are keeping up with it. For example, make it a priority to do the treatment after you have washed your face and brushed your teeth each night.

Your Latisse bottle should be stored near the rest of your skin products or your toothbrush you don’t forget to apply it every night.

The treatment takes time, so it’s important to be patient. Only use it once per night. Overuse could increase your chances of experiencing redness or irritation.

If you use eye makeup remover and it leaves an oily film on your eyelid, make sure to thoroughly wash off any excess oils with soap and water. You want a very clean surface to apply your Latisse onto.

Always follow all rules and instructions for your treatment, using the sterile, FDA approved applicator that is provided with the kit. Do not apply Latisse with a cotton swab.

If you happen to accidentally miss one night of use, do not double-apply Latisse to make up for it. Just be sure to stay on schedule for the future.

Always stay germ-free and clean when applying Latisse. Do not let the tip of the bottle or any of the applicator brushes come into contact with your fingers or foreign surface. You want to avoid contamination as much as possible in order to avoid infection.

Do not share your Latisse treatment with anyone else. It is a prescribed medication that you have been prescribed yourself. Sharing will only increase the risk of contamination or eye infection.

Track your progress. Take photos every 3-4 weeks to keep track of how your lashes are improving.

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