Charlotte Aroma Full Body Massage

Aroma full body massage is a Swedish massage that is enhanced with fine essential oils from plant extracts that are used to relax the body. The oils are concentrated essences from flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves and barks of certain plants that provide aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is known to boost well-being, refresh your body and relieve stress. Some of the essential oils used in aroma full body massage are mixed with oils such as sweet almond, apricot, kernel or grapeseed oil. Different kinds of massages may have different kinds of scents (example: a purely aromatherapy massage may have lavender scents, whereas a deep tissue massage may might use peppermint scents.

Your initial consultation will help the massage therapist determine what kind of aroma massage you could benefit from the most. They will ask you questions in order to achieve your desired outcome, such as your current state of work and home life, or your physical health and mental state.

The oils used are directly absorbed through the skin into your bloodstream, traveling through your body to have a special effect on a certain organ or function. Mixed with the healing power of massage therapy, there are powerful physical, emotional and mental benefits to aroma full body massage. This type of massage therapy can relax, balance and harmonize the body, reduce stress, strengthen the body and increase its healing abilities, and encourages a healthy immune system so you can better fight infection.

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  • Pricing

    • 30 minutes – $65
    • 60 minutes – $90
    • 90 minutes – $125