Charlotte Kneading Magnesium

For relaxation or pain relief, adding magnesium into your massage means you are dosing yourself with a nutrient your body requires. This wonderful mineral has displayed an uncanny ability to calm and neutralize negative emotions and better equip the body to rationally deal with an onslaught of stresses.

Magnesium is more than just an element on the periodic table. When your body experiences a magnesium deficiency, you can experience cramping and spasms just like if you had a lack of potassium in your body. Signs that you may have a magnesium deficiency include difficult falling or staying asleep, muscle tightness, cramps and spasms.

Using magnesium externally is one great ways to improve your magnesium deficiency and can vastly improve the benefits of your massage treatment. At Jon ‘Ric Medical Spa and Wellness Center, we offer the use of magnesium lotion with your massage treatment so you can experience the many benefits that come with Kneading Magnesium services:

Relaxation is the number one reason why people look to massage therapy in the first place. Kneading magnesium takes that relaxation to the next level by easing muscle tension, dissolving stress and uplifting your mood. But it doesn’t just have to be used during a massage for these benefits – you can use it in your day-to-day routine to get the same benefits every day.

Magnesium in your cells is what keeps your calcium at a healthy level. These means that when you have sufficient magnesium levels in your body, twitching, cramping and knots are kept to a minimum. Experiencing these symptoms means that your body does not have enough magnesium to keep calcium from taking over and causing muscle strain and stress. Consider magnesium to be a natural muscle relaxer, giving you more opportunity to relax.

There are even more benefits to Kneading Magnesium, such as deep tissue treatments, detoxification, healing acne, treating sports injuries, and promoting muscles recovery. Visit the staff at Jon ‘Ric Medical Spa today to learn more about how you can benefit.

  • Pricing

    • 30 minutes – $70
    • 60 minutes – $95
    • 90 minutes – $130