Charlotte Neuromuscular Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy is a therapeutic massage that relieves muscle pains and muscle spasms. The technique uses targeted compression and friction massage techniques, and positioning and stretching to release trigger points in muscles as well as restrictions in tendons, muscular attachments and surrounding muscle tissue. This therapy is used to address five elements that cause pain, Ischemia, Trigger points, nerve compression or entrapment, postural distortion and biomechanical dysfunction.

For those experiencing structural distortion, biomechanical dysfunction and accompanying pain, there may be underlying problems and these are just the symptoms. Neuromuscular therapy can help, as it is used to locate the pain and release spasms and hypercontraction in the tissues. This kind of massage therapy also eliminates trigger points that cause pain, and the massage therapist works to rebuild and strengthen injured tissues.

Alternating levels of pressure on muscle spasms are usually applied with the fingers, knuckles or elbow. Once the massage therapist applies this pressure, it usually doesn’t vary for 10-30 seconds in order to ensure full effect.

Muscle spasms go hand-in-hand with improper blood flow, and neuromuscular massage therapy can assist with that. The muscle is in spasm because it is not receiving enough blood or oxygen, causing it to produce lactic acid. This is turn makes the muscle feel sore during or after physical activity. Once the muscle is relaxed with massage, the lactic acid is released, and the muscle can begin recovery with increased blood and oxygen supply.

You should always communicate with your massage therapist about the pressure of your massage – if it is too much, too little, or just right. At Jon ‘Ric Medical Spa and Wellness Center we listen and respond accordingly to your preferences. Make an appointment today.

  • Pricing

    • 60 minutes – $90
    • 90 minutes – $125