Charlotte Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is a soothing relaxing treatment that helps reduce chronic patterns of tension through rhythmic strokes and focused pressure. This type of massage is the most common type of massage, and is usually what people first think of when they think of full body massage therapy.

If it is your first time getting a massage or if you do not get massages very often, this is the perfect option for you. A Swedish massage can be slow and gentle pressure, or deeper, vigorous pressure, depending on what you as the client want to achieve from your massage.

During a Swedish massage, the massage therapist will lubricate your skin with massage oil, followed by various massage strokes to help warm the muscles and tissue and release tension. You will begin to feel your muscle knots breaking up and will become more relaxed.

The name and concepts of Swedish massage is based on Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, whereas Asian-style massages are more focused on energy. In the early 19th century, Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling developed a system called “Medical Gymnastics,” which involves movements performed by a massage therapist. They would later be known as Swedish movements, further transformed into the concept of Swedish massage.

Swedish massage techniques are the foundation for other types of Western massage such as sports massage, tissue massage, and aromatherapy massage. Techniques used in a Swedish massage include long strokes, kneading, friction, tapping, and shaking motions, using the palms, thumbs, and fingertips.

Just like any other kind of massage, Swedish massage has many benefits, including targeting specific areas of pain or trouble, relaxing individual muscles, alleviating mental stress, replicate movements of the circulatory system, and help reduce the amount of scar tissue on muscles.

  • Pricing

    • 30 minutes – $50
    • 60 minutes – $75
    • 90 minutes – $100