The Best Spots in Charlotte

Charlotte is a beautiful and unique city that has all kinds of hidden gems that are sure to make a great evening for you and your family. Some of these recommendations are off the beaten path but have delicious food and great ambiance. So be sure to check out this list before you pick a spot for your anniversary or next special occasion.

Charlotte’s Arts District is bursting with creative local flavor, local craft beer, live music, bars, & historical character. On this walking food tour, we will meet those artisans and find out how their passion transforms into deliciousness. We will get behind-the-scenes into a chef’s kitchen and also learn some valuable education about some of your favorite beverages!

. Sample culinary treasures from 6+ locally owned restaurants, bars, shops, and artisans.

. Meet the owners and chefs and hear their passionate stories about their business and specialties.

. Behind-the-scenes glimpse into a chef’s kitchen for a cooking demonstration.

. Tastings of NoDa’s craft beer produced right in the neighborhood.

. A glimpse into a couple of NoDa’s culinary shopping gems & a comfortable coffee shop.

. Wine tasting paired nicely with delicious food.

. See great local art and learn some Charlotte history along the way.

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