An Inside Scoop on Getting CoolSculpting

Are you seriously considering trying CoolSculpting?  Are you hesitant because you don’t know what to expect and/or want more information?  The article below might help.  Alexandria Hinchey tried CoolSculpting for the first time and documented her experience.  She gives the reality of the situation and shows that it is not that scary after all.  Read her take on it and then schedule a consultation with us to help you make your decision!

This Is What It Actually Feels Like to Get Your Belly Fat Frozen Off

April 30, 2017 by Alexandria Hinchey

Imagine if you could spend one hour sitting back and relaxing while
your love handles were literally frozen off your body, never to be seen
again. This wishful dream may just be a reality thanks to the
FDA-approved technology CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to freeze off stubborn fat
cells most commonly found in lower belly, arms, love handles, and
thighs. The procedure is noninvasive with no downtime, and it’s
allegedly pain free. Sounds too good to be true? It just might be. With a
high price point of $1,000-$1,500 for just one session, some patients
complain of bruising and discomfort lasting upwards of a week. And many
patients need at least two sessions to see noticeable results. So, is
CoolSculpting worth the hassle?

According to Dr. Sheena Kong, a board-certified internal medicine
physician who works at the Sheena Kong Med Spa in San Francisco, it is a
worthwhile procedure. However, there is a limit to what CoolSculpting
can achieve. “CoolSculpting is for people who have a small amount of fat
and who wouldn’t want to have any invasive procedures,” Dr. Kong said. “For the fat bulges that are too big to go away with diet and exercise
but not big enough for a surgical procedure.”

Like many women, I work hard to look my best, relying on a somewhat
healthy diet and daily exercise. Truth be told, for the most part I feel
great in my body — love handles and all. But when you are asked to be a
bridesmaid in your best friend’s wedding
in Mexico, you start to rethink how great you are feeling. I, like
most, have a “problem area,” and it has always been my lower belly. No
matter how much yoga or how many crunches I do or salads I eat, I still
have the infuriating lower belly bulge that drives me absolutely nuts,
especially when I envisioning the amount of days I would be in a bikini
in a few short months. When I heard about CoolSculpting, I was sure
there had a to be a catch — other than the price tag. After much
research, I could not find the downside, so I decided to take the icy
plunge and get that lower belly frozen off. After a recommendation, I
made an appointment with Dr. Kong.

One week later, I was anxiously waiting in the modern-looking
doctor’s office. I was told to undress and put on a paper robe. Dr. Kong
arrived moments later and got straight down to business. She asked me
what results I was hoping for and then after opening my robe, she felt
around for bulges of fat. It was a humbling experience. Before going any
further, I asked Dr. Kong about the possible side effects from the
procedure (I was still convinced that there had to be a catch).

She said, “CoolSculpting is really amazing with almost no side
effects. Usually patients won’t even get bruising from CoolAdvantage
(the latest CoolSculpting technology). Once in awhile, a patient may
have some irritation from the treatment that is originated from nerve
endings being inflamed. This is only transient and with medication it
shall go away very quickly.”

I was comforted by her answer and continued on with the appointment.
She let me know that I was an ideal candidate since I was in good shape
with a few problem areas. After finishing the examination, Dr. Kong
recommended that for the best results she would suggest focusing on the
low belly and love handle areas — double whammy. After hearing the price
tag of $3,000, I sadly told her that I would have to pick one area as
the price was a little out of reach (and I by a little, I mean a lot!).
Dr.Kong suggested starting on the low belly (to help me look better in a
bikini) and get to the love handle area later on. I agreed and
scheduled my appointment for the next week.

One week later, I was laying on a luxurious chair that was a hybrid
dental spa chair. With a cozy blanket draped on top of me, Dr. Kong
brought out the CoolSculpting machine and got right to work. She warned
that I would experience mild discomfort, and it would feel like my skin
and fat were being sucked away from my body.

She applied blue gel onto my my belly and sucked the fat up and into
the CoolSculpting machine. The sensation was definitely uncomfortable,
and every part of my body wanted it to be over in those first few
moments. But once I got used to the feeling, it was not too bad. It felt
cold, like there was an ice pack on and was about to sting, but never
quite got to that point. I settled in and started to watch the feel-good
movie, Old School. I quickly realized that laughing
was not a wise activity as it made the skin pull away every time I
moved, so I switched to a more somber Grey’s Anatomy to entertain me.

About 45 minutes later, Dr. Kong came in to switch the machine to the
other side of my belly. Before removing the CoolSculpting, she warned
that if I was squeamish I may not want to look. I am not squeamish, but
that sight was not pleasant. When the machine was removed, it appeared
as though there was a large stick of butter sitting above my stomach. Oh
wait, it wasn’t butter — it was my fat! Gross.

She then massaged the frozen fat back into my belly which was also
not altogether pleasant but again not painful. She then put the machine
on the other side and repeated the hour long process. In total, the
process took about two hours and was unpleasant but never full-on

Dr. Kong let me know that I did not need to do anything afterward
other than wait for three months for all of my frozen fat to be
eliminated naturally through my system. All in all, the process was a
positive one, and I would absolutely do it again. I did notice that my
lower belly was smoother and slightly less protruding. I was assured by
Dr. Kong that if I did do a second treatment on the same area, I would
see much more noticeable results.