The Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy

Hot-Stone-MassageWhile many people may not need any reason outside of the pleasure and relaxation offered by hot stone massages to seek one, in truth this type of massage comes with a variety of health benefits. Here are just a few of the fantastic benefits recipients can expect after they enjoy one of these unique massages:

How The Massage Works
The hot stone massage combines thermotherapy with massage techniques to help the body heal and become rebalanced. Recipients will have warm and cool stones placed strategically on their body while also receiving a massage. This helps to improve circulation throughout the body. The stones are kept warm in some kind of heating dish or crock pot before they are used to stroke, massage, or rest on the body.

Benefits of the Hot Stone Massage
The hot stone massage helps to improve circulation while stimulating the muscles to relax and contract due to the placement of the warm and cold stones. This helps to move fluid through the muscles and joints. When combined with the stimulation of a thorough massage, the treatment helps to invigorate the muscles and heal the body. The movement of fluids also provides a cleansing by stimulating lymphatic drainage, relaxing the colon, detoxifying the blood, and hydrates and flushes cells. Some say that the massage can also help balance energies, dissolve some blockages, and help prevent diseases or illnesses. Those receiving this type of massage will immediately notice benefits such as relaxed muscles, reduced aches and pains, a better range of motion in the joints, and reduced stress. Reducing stress can help a person have long lasting health benefits that can help them reduce risks for certain diseases and improve their overall quality of life.

Hot stone massage therapy has the potential to help people reduce their stress and improve their overall health. It is a wonderful tool for promoting circulation, reducing stress, and helping to reinvigorate the muscles. Many people leave the massage table feeling fully relaxed, thanks to the deep, penetrating techniques that works the entire body. Professionals, such as those at Jon ‘Ric Medical Spa & Wellness Center, offer these types of massages for clients to receive an euphoric type of relaxation they have not seen before.

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