If you have been considering taking advantage of CoolSculpting, it is good to have an understanding of the treatment as a whole and the different applicators’ capabilities. Each applicator has been engineered to target various areas of fat; with this in mind, it becomes easier to understand how the use of certain applicators can radically transform the overall effectiveness of your CoolSculpting sessions. When the right applicators are used, you can see amazing results very quickly*.

Meet the CoolCurve Applicator

CoolCurve Applicator

The CoolCurve applicator was delicately and anatomically designed to feature curved cooling plates, which improve the fit of the applicator on your body. This helps to improve the overall amount of tissue that it is able to draw from the body. Thanks to this new applicator, it’s simpler to customize procedure plans, optimizing the overall outcome for patients.

One study suggests that there was a 36 percent increase in the number of patients who were able to benefit from the CoolCurve applicator when compared to not having the tool available. This study also concluded that 92 percent of the patients were satisfied with the results they received, and all of them claimed they would recommend the CoolSculpting with the use of CoolCurve.

There have been hundreds of thousands of CoolSculpting procedures performed all across the globe. You will want to make sure you receive your CoolSculpting at the hands of an extremely qualified and reputable physician. You’ll also need to ensure this doctor has experience in treating the areas you wanting treated, and he or she needs to be skilled in using the CoolCurve applicator.

If you have unsightly bulges of fat that you would like to have removed, please don’t hesitate to call us today. A consultation with our on-site physician, Dr. Matt Jones, will have you feeling confident about the CoolSculpting treatment. During the consultation, we will discuss pricing, applicator options, the procedure itself, and any financing options that you may want to take advantage of. Call us now to schedule your consultation.


*individual results may vary