When it comes to looking your best, there are may ways to stay fit. For starters, eating healthy is one of the best ways to approach staying in shape, however, there are also numerous other non-invasive regimens for looking great. One of the best methods being CoolSculpting treatment with the CoolFit applicator.

CoolSculpting technology literally freezes fat away. You can enjoy maximum results within only a few sessions, with results potentially lasting for many years to come. Depending on the applicator(s) that you have used during your CoolSculpting sessions, you can see varying results on different parts of your body. During your first consultation with Dr. Jones, our on-site physician, you will learn about the different applicators and the parts of your body that each treats best.

Meet the CoolFit™ Applicator

What is the CoolFit Applicator?

The CoolFit applicator has three unique benefits. It has longer cooling plates, and it features a flat vacuum applicator design. Lastly, it’s ideal for vertical fat, which is why the best results are seen when using this applicator to treat the inner thighs. Another part of the body that this applicator is commonly used to treat are the arms. The design of the applicator allows fat to easily be grabbed in areas that are long, which is how the slimming effect is achieved. Even some of the hardest to reach locations can be treated with the CoolFit applicator, allowing optimal results to be gained, including several inches lost on the inner thighs in less than two sessions.

Please keep in mind that CoolSculpting is not meant to be used as a form of weight loss. Instead, it was designed to help you get rid of unsightly fat tissue that you are unable to get rid of with diet and exercise. Some people resort to cosmetic surgery before taking advantage of CoolSculpting; however, the best approach for any type of cosmetic procedure are ones that are non-invasive such as CoolSculpting. It also is of course beneficial to speak with a qualified physician to determine which procedures will bring about the maximum benefits. Speaking with a physician helps you pinpoint which procedures will bring about the most realistic and natural-looking benefits, as well. Our on-site physician, Dr. Matt Jones, will answer any questions you may have regarding the best treatment options for getting rid of stubborn fat and work with you to develop a plan. He will also go over the various applicators used for CoolSculpting and explain the unique benefits of each.


*individual results may vary