The Do’s and Don’t’s Of Your Massage

Be on time – arrive about 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. This will ensure that you can fill out all necessary paperwork ahead of time and get your full time for a massage.

Leave on Time – yes, you are very relaxed after your massage and could probably relax on the massage table all day. But your massage therapist needs the room you are in to prepare for the next session, so get up slowly, get dressed, take some deep breaths, and continue your relaxation at home.

Shower – take a shower before your session as a common courtesy to your massage therapist.

Inform – always tell your therapist if you have had any major surgeries or injuries so they know how to best approach the treatment. The massage should be something you enjoy and if you are in pain because they are massaging a sore spot on your body, it’s not going to be very fun.

Wait – before undressing, wait until the massage therapist has left the room.

Communicate – always speak up if something doesn’t feel right. Your massage therapist will not take it personally and letting them know if you want more or less pressure, or if you feel uncomfortable with a spot they are touching, you will enjoy the massage much more.

Refer – massage therapists do a lot of their work based on word of mouth and always want to grow their practice. If you liked your experience, tell your friends about it!


Apologize for not shaving – massage therapists massage men with very hairy legs. A little bit of your stubble is nothing to worry about.

Worry about your pedicure – your massage therapist is going to be more concerned with how clean your feet are, not how polished your toes look.

Come in after intake of drugs or alcohol in the past 24 hours – if you have had a fair amount to drink the night before your massage, there are even chances that a massage can bring back your intoxication, as crazy as that may sound.

Come in sick – if you have a cold or contagious condition, don’t come in for your massage. Your massage therapist doesn’t want to catch what you have, they don’t want other clients to catch what you have, and a massage can even worsen your symptoms and make your cold worse.

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