Getting the Best Latisse Results

Latisse is a take-home, topical application applied nightly to the upper eyelids at the base of the lashes that causes increased fullness, length and darkness of the lashes. It has become increasingly popular for women who want to get some serious length to their eyelashes.

Here are some of the best ways to make Latisse last its longest, and get the most out of it:

One drop per day
Per the Latisse directions, users are told to apply one drop directly to the brush for each eye. In order to avoid wasting drops, put one drop in the cap and dip the brush in the cap. This allows you to get both eyelashes done with one drop and one brush.

Use your own brush
The brush that comes with the prescription may be too bulky for some, and you are able to use your own. A skinny eyeliner brush could work. Using your own brush can also lessen irritation and hyperpigmentation.

Use brush two days straight
The brush you are given can be rinsed with water in between uses, so to be more economical with your brush and get the full 4 months out of your prescription, use one brush for two days straight

Cut the brush in half
This is another way to use less of the product and allow for more use. The product you do use will be applied more carefully and efficiently using this method.

Apply only what you need
One drop per eye per day is likely more than enough, but this also can depend on how long you want your eyelashes to be. But be aware that the effects of Latisse are not permanent, and once you stop using it, your lashes will go back to their original length and thickness.

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