Laser Hair Removal: Know Before You Go

Unwanted hair is exactly that: unwanted! If you have hair that you’d like to see gone for good, laser hair removal may just be the thing you need. The professionals at Jon Ric Med Spa & Wellness Center will assist you with your laser hair removal so you will never have to shave or wax again. But if you are brand new to the popular procedure, here are some things you should know before your appointment:

The lasers used for this treatment use pulsed light to target, break down and destroy the dark pigment (melanin) in the hair, which is why it works best on darker hair. Hair grows in three phases: growing, resting and shedding, and the lasers target the hair that is in the growth phase.

A good candidate for laser hair treatments are those with dark hair and light skin. For people with darker or tanned skin, lasers can cause discoloration unless the machine is created specifically for dark skin.

After your treatment, your hair will fall out within 10-14 days. It is suggested that around the 10th day, you use a mild exfoliating scrub to exfoliate the skin and remove hair.

Large areas of skin can be treated with laser hair removal treatments. A usual session on both legs usually takes less than two hours, and you can also get effective results on the back, shoulders, arm and chest.

In order to see 70 to 80 percent reduction in hair growth, it will take about 4 to 6 hair removal sessions spaced 4 weeks apart. Many professionals suggest getting maintenance treatments completed once a year for at least a couple of years.

Results are not always guaranteed, and each client is different when it comes to how their bodies react to laser hair removal.

Before your session, you will likely be asked to shave either the day of your treatment, or three days before. Double check with your esthetician to be sure that you have prepared correctly.

Come in now to Jon Ric Charlotte Med Spa to get your laser hair removal treatment.

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