Make The Most Of Your Massage

Not all massages are the same, but they do have one thing in common: they are one of the best ways to experience relaxation. Whether it is your first massage or your 100th, you should be able to make the most out of every single one. Here are some ideas to help you optimize your massage experience and value from it the most.

  1. Avoid eating a large meal or drinking alcohol right before your massage session. Let your body digest your meal first, and use the restroom before your session.
  2. Arrive about 15 minutes early and give yourself time to relax in the waiting room. If you arrive rushed it will take longer for you to relax.
  3. Drink plenty of water to stay as hydrated as you can be before and after your massage.
  4. Undress to whatever you are comfortable with. Massage therapists will maintain professional draping through the entire massage, only uncovering the specific area they are addressing. It is your decision to take clothing off or keep it on, and the massage therapist will adapt their techniques to accommodate you.
  5. Always communicate with the massage therapist when needed. You want to be as comfortable as possible during the session, and it is your body, so make sure you give the therapist feedback on their massage if there is anything you want changed such as the pressure, the lotions they are using, or even the amount of lighting or music in the room.
  6. Limit talking during your massage session and try and focus on your breathing and relaxation. Quiet your mind by just taking a deep breath and letting your entire body relax. Tension or tightening in your muscles during a massage is counterproductive. If you find yourself becoming tense during your massage, communicate with your massage therapist to change something about their technique, such as the pressure, so it can be adjusted to your comfort level.
  7. After your massage, do not rush to get off of the table. Once your massage therapist leaves the room, give yourself a couple of minutes to absorb the relaxation from your massage. Once you’re ready to get up, slowly sit up and carefully get off of the table.
  8. After you leave the massage session, give yourself some time at home to continue relaxing and soak in all of the benefits from the therapy you just received.

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