About Jon Ric Charlotte Med Spa

Whether you want to take years off your appearance or need a relaxing get away from a stressful day, our Charlotte Med Spa offers state of the art Laser and spa treatments performed by a highly skilled and a professionally licensed team. We take pride in offering the best results and offer a variety of services guaranteed to provide benefits that can restore and rejuvenate your body.

about us photo 1Jon ‘Ric’s Charlotte Medical Spa Services will take years off of your appearance through Botox injections and Juvederm Ultra, Ultra Plus XC, and Voluma XC, which restore your youth by smoothing your wrinkles and age lines on your face. Get beautiful, long and full lashes with Latisse treatments that will give your eyes the “pop” they deserve for a beautiful look. Other services such as photofacial treatments, laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing are beneficial treatments with short recovery times, so you can get right to living your life with a new, fresh and youthful look.

No need to worry about scars and stretch marks anymore. At Jon ‘Ric Charlotte Medical Spa, our services include laser technology that can assist in remodeling your body by removing scars and filling in stretch marks. You’ll be ready for the beach in no time and have the look you’ve always wanted.

Everyone can benefit from Jon ‘Ric’s Charlotte Med Spa services, no matter what age or gender. Our services are made to create a better look for our patients with results that are immediately noticeable. The physical benefits are also followed by emotional benefits – our treatments, no matter how big or small, can fix flaws that you aren’t happy with and constantly notice about yourself. Just by one or two simple treatments, your self-esteem will be boosted from your new look, giving you a confidence you may have forgotten you had.

Dr. Matt Jones, MD, is the on-site physician of the Charlotte Jon ‘Ric Medical Spa and Wellness Center franchise. Dr. Jones has a desire to provide the people of Charlotte with treatments that are designed to fulfill the needs of all patients. Click the links above to view more about each of our services.

Visit http://jonriccharlottemedicalspa.com/contact/ to schedule an appointment today so you can start looking better, feeling better, and being better.