Reasons to make a Massage Therapy Appointment Today

Ease Pain
Debilitating back pain is a serious and common problem, but a massage can bring much relief to the pain. Massage therapy can help people’s pain decrease and help them function better compared to those who don’t receive massage treatment. This kind of therapy can also decrease stiffness and body pain, and better range of motion for those with osteoarthritis.

Ease Anxiety and Depression
Massage has been widely known to reduce cortisol, a stress hormone that can increase the chances of one experiencing anxiety and depression in their lives. The result of a massage is lifted spirits and relaxation that also provides lower blood pressure. Seratonin and Dopamine can also be released with a massage, which are connected with depressed feelings.

Improves Immunity
Massage can help not only your muscles and promote relaxation; it can also help improve the function of your immune system. Researchers have found massage to be linked to an increase in a person’s ability to produce disease-fighting white blood cells.

Get Rid of Headaches
Just like muscle and back pain, massage can also help alleviate headaches. Getting regular massages can help reduce a person’s frequency of migraines and limit the pain that comes with each of them.

Improves Sleep
If you’ve ever been on a massage table, you know very well how relaxing massage can be – to the point of putting you to sleep! So it’s no surprise that studies show a strong connection between massage’s effects on delta waves, the brain waves that are connected to deep sleep.