Many doctors quickly prescribe medications to help patients with a variety of conditions, but did you know sometimes simple changes in lifestyle, such as dietary changes, can have a similar impact on an individuals health? ALCAT Sensitivity/Intolerance Testing can help provide insight into what may be causing an individual’s symptoms and help them learn what foods to avoid to ensure a more positive outcome without the use of medications that typically come with negative side effects*. While there are other methods of testing for food intolerances, this is one of the safest, most effective methods.

ALCAT Testing

The ALCAT Sensitivity/Intolerance Tests are available in a number of panels that test for specific types of foods. There is a long list of panels available and Dr. Jones will work with you to determine which test will be most appropriate for your individual symptomatology and diet. These tests can monitor for intolerances or sensitivities to food dyes, herbs and other various foods. In addition to foods, these tests can also look at environmental factors, chemicals, medications and more. This will allow medical professionals to make more appropriate treatment recommendations, often without the need for adding medications that can result in negative side effects.

How Does the Test Work?

Instead of having to test you with oral comparison tests, the ALCAT tests use live immune cells extracted from the patient to present the food and other elements to be tested and gauge the response of the cells. Cells are obtained through a simple blood draw and all tests can be performed at the same time, which offers an advantage over oral testing, which requires one item to be tested at a time with a period of several days between each one. Patients can expect to get their results much faster from this method of testing and can begin making the necessary changes to their lifestyle to help eliminate conditions, such as asthma, migraines, fatigue, hyperactivity, obesity and more*.

Many medical professionals today are interested in finding better ways of treating conditions in their patients. While medications may sometimes still be necessary, sometimes a few simple diet or other lifestyle changes can provide the relief individuals need from their conditions without the introduction of medication. With the help of ALCAT tests, patients will quickly and easily find out which foods or other elements are having a negative impact on their lives so they can cut them out and live more comfortably.