Charlotte Photofacial Treatments

A Photofacial involves the application of light energy through an IPL head at wavelengths that specifically target chromophores, or colored targets, contained in the skin. These targets are generally different types of hyperpigmentation such as freckles, sun spots, melasma and birth marks among others. It also effectively targets alar blood vessels, rosacea, telangiectasias, angiomas and spider angiomas. When the appropriate wavelength of light strikes these targets, heat is generated that damages them, prompting the body’s natural healing response to remove them leaving your skin looking cleaner, fresher and more luminous! You ever wonder what actors and actresses do to keep their skin looking so fresh and young? Here’s your answer.

And while it is called a PhotoFACIAL, it can be used anywhere! We can clear pigment on the chest, neck, arms and even hands restoring that younger appearance to the skin.


all prices are single treatment (packages of 3 or more get a 10% discount)


Full Face Photofacial


Neck Photofacial


Face and Neck Photofacial


Full Chest Photofacial


Full Back Photofacial


Hands Photofacial


Forearms Photofacial


Scalp Photofacial


Spot Photofacial

Remove Skin Spots with a Photofacial Treatment

Reverse the Effects of Sun Damage on Your Skin